Steelers Settle Roster: Some Questions, Few Weaknesses


With the 53-man roster in hand, Steelers Nation will now see whether Tuzar Skipper is the second coming of James Harrison.  We’re a little thin on guys from Toledo though.

Are we now poised to leap out that Super Bowl window?  How do you feel about the talent and depth at each position group? We talk about it on this show.

We open up next Sunday with the midnight game (practically) against the Patriots.  Up until last year, it had been since 2011 since we last beat New England. What do you think about this year? We’re facing a very good defense, but an offensive line weakened by injury and dope smokers (or PED-takers, they weren’t very specific about the suspensions).

Take note Arizona Online U – the hottest major in college will be “Football” with a minor in “Quarterbacking” within the next five years.  You heard it here.

What are the chances we’ll see Carli Lloyd kicking field goals and XPs next pre-season (next season?!)?

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