Ep. 024 Clearing the Deck for Le’Veon

Clearing the Deck for Le’Veon

Even with so much action….signing players and bringing on new coaches, the $64,000 question remains – what’s going to happen with Le’Veon?!

There’s more reconstruction going on with the Steelers than they had with the Marshall Plan after World War II. Stephon Tuitt and David DeCastro have had most of their salaries converted into bonuses, pushing their compensation out past 2018.  There’s still more to do if Pittsburgh wants to make room for a long-term deal with Bell or even to paste the franchise tag on him again.

We’ll go through the possibilities in this show.

Coaching Changes

We’ll also review the changing of the guard for the coaches with Tomlin bringing in Tom Bradley as the defensive secondary coach and Karl Dunbar to oversee the defensive line.

Draft Needs

We also regale you with what we see as the Steelers burning needs in the draft.

Inside Linebacker
Inside Linebacker
Wide Receiver
Offensive Line
Running Back

Super Bowl Victories

As we tried to figure out how few teams there are who have won Super Bowls, we found ourselves indulging in a little additional schadenfreude.  The answer is that 5 teams have accounted for 55% of SB victories while 20 teams (62.5%) have won the Lombardi Trophy over the past 52 years.


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