Ep. 026 Mocking the Mock

Steelers to Trade Up for QB

You heard it here first, the Steelers will give up its first-round choices this year and next to procure the services of Wyoming’s vaunted Josh Allen.


We are in the doldrums of the NFL year where the vacuum attracts lunatics, liars and soothsayers. There’s no cost to tossing out an unsupportable guess and a lot to be gained in the remote chance that things work out. 

The only thing we know is that inside linebacker is the #1 priority. Although Ryan Shazier is determined to come back, it won’t be in 2018. Draft, trade, pick up a free agent. We need to fill that massive hole he left behind. 

Steelers Giving Raw Deal to Le’Veon

Mike Tanier of Bleacher Report recently posted an article: “Le’Veon Bell Is Getting a Raw Deal, from the Steelers and the System”, saying “Le’Veon Bell is about to get screwed again, both by the Steelers and the system.”

Wrong and wrong.

Tanier argues that the Steelers “work Bell like a rented wood chipper” and that overuse will age him quickly meaning his window for the big payday is closing quickly.  Bell “has still never had the chance to freely negotiate the terms of his employment. And Bell may never hit the open marketplace until he has used up nearly all of his market value.”

That may be so, but draftology is the NFL’s equivalent of a chess match.  The rules were agreed to by the NFL owners and the NFLPA.  The big bets are only placed on those who produce and can do so reliably for years.  That means QBs.

There may be a war on the horizon after 2021, but until then the players agreed to this deal.  This is on the union.

NFL Combine

We come out of the doldrums when the combine begins on Tuesday, Feb. 27, running through Monday, March 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium. The physical stuff begins March 2. 

We’ll be paying particular attention to the Steeler’s greatest areas of need: ILB and safety.  But we’ve seen this movie before. We half expect to be surprised. Stay tuned!

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