Ep. 034 Draft Preview: QBs

R.I.P. Bennie Cunningham

The Steelers #1 draft pick of 1976 out of Clemson, Bennie Cunningham died today (April 23, 2018) from cancer.  Bennie only learned of his condition in January. Bennie played 10 seasons with the Steelers, hauling in 202 receptions for 2,879 yards and 20 touchdowns. He garnered two Super Bowls rings in 1978 and 1979,  pulling in two receptions in the victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

Bennie was the first African American football player in Clemson history to make an All-America team and was named to the Steelers all-time team in 2007 in conjunction with the franchise’s 75th anniversary.  We’ll miss you Bennie.

Bennie Cunningham


  • Colbert Presser
  • Bud Dupree
  • Draft Preview: QB’s

Colbert / Tomlin Press Conference

Again you hear the art of conveying no information during this most recent press conference. We try to read between the lines to learn what Colbert’s opinion is of this 2018 class.

Bud Dupree

The Steelers signed Bud’s 5th year option. We talk about what implications that has for the team.

Draft Preview: QB’s

As we have with all the positions, we take a look at the top QBs in the draft and conjecture about the possibility that the Steelers choose one in the first round.

Mason Rudolph
•Oklahoma State
•6’5 / 225
•Prototypical nfl pocket passer size / playing style
•Accurate, comfortable in pocket, good thrower
•Not afraid to take hit at all
•Inconsistent deep ball, but when it’s on, it’s beautiful
•Not super strong arm
•Makes balls on sideline more contested than they should be
•Super unathletic (although will smartly take off for free yards sometimes)
•Prone to stretches of incompletions
•OK ST offense
Lamar Jackson
•6’3 / 205
•Legitimately Mike Vick #2
•Good arm / quick release / accurate
•Flicks wrist
Poor mechanics with feet and body lead to inconsistent accuracy
•NARROW BASE - just stands straight up and down
•Doesn’t get torso / legs into throws
•Weird “off the field” decisions
•Mom is his agent
•Teams haven’t been able to get in touch w him for workouts
•Childhood best friend is his trainer
Josh Rosen
•6’4 / 218
•Turd Brady / Matt Ryan type
•Lovely pocket passer
•Super accurate
•Sits in pocket comfortably, reads defense, makes throws
•Most pro ready (3 different OCs)
•Stud tennis player
•Not athletic
•Doesn’t have rocket arm
Baker Mayfield
•6’0 / 220
•Ability to throw off platform
•Accurate / good ball (spiral)
•Strong enough arm
•Definitely has escapability
•Looks comfortable
•OKLA offense only requires 1 or maybe 2 reads per play, and then you just hit the guy (or scramble to sidelines and find someone) — as opposed to Rosen, who sits back in shotgun, surveys the whole field and dissects at multiple levels.
•This doesn’t mean he can’t read defenses, just that Rosen is farther along
•Does not have speed to run away from closing defensemen
Sam Darnold
•6’4 / 220
•Prototypical size / chin
•Prototypical arm / accuracy (neither elite qualities)
•Creativity and movement in the pocket
•Can fit balls into tight windows with zip or touch
•20ints in last 20 games / 9 fumbles this year
•Tiny hands
•Never played a game under 70degrees
•Elongated release
•People get caught up in the clutch / “it” factor discussion with Darnold
Josh Allen
•6’5 / 223
•Legitimately might have the best arm of all time
•Great size
•Very good scrambler — like a Ben & Rogers hybrid (Andrew Luck?)
•Aggressive / had to carry HORRENDOUS team
•From a physical standpoint, has as much potential as any qb we’ve ever seen
•Has never...IN HIS LIFE...completed 60% of his passes. At ANY level of football.
•He is a complete projection (has this ever worked out even once?)


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