Ep. 040 Killer B’s: Commitment & Cohesion


  1. OTA and Injuries
  2. Killer B’s

OTA and Injuries

Jerald Hawkins’ and Jake McGee’s season is over….even before OTA are done. Careers that were always tentative at best.  Have the missed their last chance?

Hawkins and McGee were undone in the Official Team Activities, known as OTAs.  What is the value of these practices?  Are they a chance to ramp up by teaching basics, learn the schemes and socialize the team? Or do they just widen the window of risk, exposing your stars to potential injuries?

Killer B’s

Will Le’Veon’s strategy (aka the same thing he did last year) work was well as it didn’t last year?

We talk about Le’Veon’s new song.  What is the message in his musings?  That he’s not valued?  That we don’t love him?  Seems so.


So….Ben? AB?


AB: “The only way to get better is to come to OTAs”.  Maybe he  meant that you only had to go to the first two.  Or maybe he means that he only goes to practice if Ben goes to practice.  And…oh yeah…Ben is on holiday with the fam.  Couldn’t have timed that better Big Guy?


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