Ep. 052 Steelers and the Bermuda Triangle

Steelers and the Bermuda Triangle

It wasn’t as bad as I thought once I reviewed everything play-by-play. However, what is abundantly clear is that we have not solved a holdover problem from last year – the Bermuda Triangle which is the middle of the field and a place that opponents go to automatically pad their passing yardage statistics.

It’s most likely due to a thin cupboard of inside linebackers, but it seems that all you’ve got to do is run across the middle in front of the ILBs, grab your pass, go directly to GO and collect your $200.  No questions asked.

Other than that, the Steelers proved to be stout against the run and tolerable against the pass except for a few obvious exceptions.

Tackling still presents a challenge and has to be corrected, but it’s been three years now and we are still talking about tackling problems.  I’ll hold out hope that we don’t hear about “Communication problems” again this year having several veterans in the defensive backfield with a collective 117 years of collective wisdom.

There are a few things to be very excited about on the offensive side of the ball (spoiler – it’s not our young QBs).  James Conner continues his pursuit of the lone RB in NFL history to average > 9 yards per carry. James Washington is living up to his billing and then some. And although Damoun Patterson did not have a breakout night, we’re still drooling at the prospect of what he brings to the table.

In this show we’ll look at offensive, defensive and special teams themes.  It’s not all bad and it’s not time to ask for Jordan Berry’s head.

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