Ep. 056 Calling All Communication Majors

Steelers 37 vs. Chiefs 42

This is what a real life loss feels like people.  It wasn’t last week when we eeked out a tie with the Cleveland Browns, in spite of what Cam Heyward said. This was rib-kicking, gut wrenching, rub-your-nose-in-it failure of the highest order. We have a glimpse of the future and it looks a lot like 2017. It’s hardly worth doing the analysis. We need only pull out the defensive stats for any number of games against real NFL quarterbacks last year as they eviscerated our soft underbellies, exposing the entrails of secondary that would secretly pray that the offense would distract the fans like a hot shooter at a craps game at the Nemacolin Woodlands casino.

We are continuing the meme from last year… the defensive lapses are a function of miscommunication.  Miscommunication. Communication majors are a dime a dozen (sorry, but it’s true).  Surely we can procure one defensive back who has had a communications class and convey the SERIOUSNESS of a tight end who has been loosed in the secondary and is rampaging his way into the end zone.

The Steelers offensive shedded its rust and scored on three consecutive drives to bring us even with the unimpeded Chiefs by halftime.  Unfortunately, through a series of defensive and special teams lapses, the horse race went to the chiefs.    What do we have to hope for in a season of games against playoff contenders?


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