Ep. 057 Vance “Can-Crusher” McDonald Sparks Steelers

Steelers 30  Tampa Bay 27

The Steelers manage to hang on to 30-27 victory over the QB formerly known as Ryan Fitzmagic and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

There was as much to love about this game as there was to hate. Certainly the defense is not showing signs of marked improvement, although there were some entertaining turnovers to watch.

The offense is emerging as the irresistible force for which it is designed, but lack of possessions in the second half thwarted the juggernaut, endangering what was at one time a 20 point lead.

Vance “Can-Crusher” McDonald sparked the Steelers early in the game, stiff-arming Chris Conte to spring himself loose for a 75 yard touchdown romp. Hopefully this is the beginning of something beautiful.



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