Ep. 058 The Steeler Autumn of Discontent

Steelers 14  Tampa Bay 26

We revisit the Steelers’ 26-14 loss to our mortal enemies, the Baltimore Ravens and to explore whether the majesty of this franchise is fading like the light in the eyes of a loved one who lived a glorious life, but who proves to be a mortal in the end.


This is another demoralizing loss that could legitimately spell doom for the end of the season.  Everyone wants to pin this loss on the offense, as the defense “held” the Ravens to 26 points, but everyone has a role to play in this defeat.

Ben became Road Ben in the second half of this game, throwing for an anemic 41 yards.  The defense allowed the Ravens to consume 22 minutes in the 2nd half, precious time that the offense could have used to mount a comeback.

But in this episode, we look squarely into the eyes of the coaching staff, who continue to emphasize strategies that have proven futile over this season and last.  Lax discipline with yet another substitution penalty, unimaginative play calling and team that didn’t come out of the tunnel with fire and brimstone flaming from its nose.

Join us as we also take stock with a quarter of the way through the season – Who is this team? Is who we are today our destiny, or is there hope for redemption.. a savior perhaps….


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