Ep. 060 AB-solutely Fantastic!! Steelers 28 Bengals 21

Steelers 28  Bengals 21

Were you losing hope?  Did that penultimate Cincinnati drive, drive you INSANE, just knowing that the Steeler defense couldn’t hold back the inevitable Bengal victory.  Did you see the Sword of Damocles slicing its way through 75 yards to give Cincy a 1 point lead with 1:18 left of the clock.

Well, you needed to SHALIEVE!  The Steelers did what the Steelers do to animals like the Bengals and made their own, inexorable march to victory.

And who was the hero?  We’d like to say it was AB, but you also need to consider the man who drew up that game-winning pass – the Feitmaster himself.

There are plenty of gaffs to learn from, but team was firing on all cylinders with the defense holding Cincinnati to a paltry 62 yards rushing and sacking the Red Rifle 3 times.

Over the last 10 years, the Steelers are 14-5 against the Bengals with only 2 of those losses coming in Paul Brown Stadium.


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