Ep. 064 Herding Cats – Can the Steelers Control the Feral Kingdom?

Steelers 52 Panthers 21

Two teams in a row with mascots from the cat family…(and don’t forget, we already beat the Bengals)

In this episode we wrap up the overview of the Steelers overwhelming 52-21 victory over the Panthers.

We look ahead to next week’s contest when we take on another feline opponent…. the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Jags have been Pittsburgh’s bogeyman. Two humiliating defeats in 2017 against a team that exceeded expectations with a much maligned Blake Bortles. While we scoffed at him, Bortles amassed 763 passing yards against the Steelers on his way to a first round playoff victory.

Will the additional time off this week help or hinder the Steelers?



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