Ep. 066 SuperBen Stares Down His Kryptonite

Steeler 20 Jaguars 16

This game seemed inevitable from the start, with the Steelers stumbling to 19 yards and 3:41 TOP in the first quarter, then further disintegrating as Ben threw his customary interceptions (although he only threw three this time).

Pittsburgh couldn’t see the Jaguars side of the field with a drone until the end of the 1st half when the broached midfield.

But lo!! It seemed that a savior arose as Ben lofted a pass to AB who loped for a 78 TD reception!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the play that ignited the motor. It would take three more series before the engine roared to life, with a well-executed drive culminating in a picture perfect pass-catch to Vance in the back of the end zone.

The Jaguars plumbed the depths of offensive futility all game, following with yet another 3 and out (the last of their 8 3 and outs).

Good Ben then took advantage of every second of the 1:42 he was given to blaze the team to the promised land. JuJu made a fantastic grab for 35 yards. AB followed two plays later with a catch for 25 on 3rd and 10.

With eight seconds to go, on a sweep to the right and a planned shuffle pass to Vance, Ben saw only the blazing white light of heaven and proceeded to foist his mighty heft through the air like Superman, hands extending the ball with all his force to the plane of the end zone.

Sweet victory.

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