Ep. 067 Squandering a Prolific Performance

Steelers 17 Broncos 24


The race is not always to the swift. In a scene reminiscent of the Tortoise and the Hare, the Steelers stood slouched against the wall near the finish line…one foot on the sidewalk, the other propped against the red brick building, fedora hat tipped forward over the brow and Marlborough hanging jauntily from their lips, figuring that once again, they would saunter from the shadows to achieve yet another heroic finish with time expiring. It was not to be. The Denver Broncos methodically produced one score per quarter, finishing the race with a 24-17 victory.

In a game in which the Steelers set several records (Ben – 25 straight completions, AB first player to 800 receptions in 126 games, JuJu – 1st player in the modern era to score on multiple receptions >95 yards) the Steelers squandered a prolific offensive performance by handing the ball back to the Broncos on turnovers four times, with Denver scoring TDs on two of those opportunities.

The defense was surprisingly stout, holding Denver to 25% on 3rd down conversions but ultimately yielding scores on 36% of their drives.

The offense generated 527 yards, but couldn’t capitalize as we lost 2 fumbles and 2 interceptions.  

There were magnificent plays like JuJu’s 97 yard TD reception and Chris Boswell’s TD pass to Alejendro Villanueva on a fake field goal.  Alas, none of that mattered as the Steelers could only muster 17 points.  

Join us as we try to ascertain the reasons for this failure and look ahead to Pittsburgh’s playoff potential.

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