Ep. 068 Steelers Chastened by Chargers

Steelers 30 Chargers 33


This was decidedly one of the worst losses in two years.  We finally stop a prolific offense and QB in its tracks while simultaneously rolling to a 23-7 half time lead, only to revert to our tendency on defense to bend then break and for the offense to sputter.

It was a tale of two halves certainly as the Steelers went 0-7 on third-down conversions in the second half.

We have PLENTY to say about the abhorrent officiating that gifted two TDs to the Chargers, but all-in-all, Philip Rivers dominated us in the second half. Our answer to Keenan Allen? Man-to-man coverage from Jon Bostic.  That strategy was proven less than optimal.

Note the passing charts of Rivers versus Ben courtesy of NFL NextGen Stats:


Rivers gets the best of Ben, hitting on 80% of his intermediate passes (versus 50% for Ben) and 50% of his > 20 yard passes (50% versus 33%)

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