Ep. 074 AB Fades While Butler Ascends

Quizzical Decisions About Coaches


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Emmanuel Sanders Waxes On AB

Manny Sanders was on NFL Game Day week and he had a whole bunch to say about his buddy Antonio Brown.  Although he slings a little hypocrisy in there, Sanders does have insight into AB and he doesn’t like what he sees.  We break this down because it’s better than reading all the conjecture from people who have never played the game.

Teryl Austin

Fresh from an uninspiring stint as the Bengals Defensive Coordinator, Pittsburgh native and Pitt alum, Teryl Austin comes home to serve as the Steelers Senior Defensive Assistant and Secondary coach.

Austin has an uneven track record, but has helped three teams get into the Super Bowl (losing to the Steelers 2x), and has worked with some All-Pro defensive backs. 

Mike Tomlin and Clock Management

We continue to lobby for another position coach: Clock Manager.  How much could it cost to get an out-of-work Stanford MBA to sit in the box for 16-19 games to review the situation chart in the last two minutes of each half?  Why does Mike resist filling in this glaring gap in the coaching corps?

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