Ep. 075 Circus Maximus and the Revolving Door

In this episode:

Mike Munchak Departs

Family is thicker than football. Five years after he arrived to coach the offensive line, Mike Munchak departs for the same position in Denver, having molded the Steelers offensive line into the #1 rated line in the NFL.

Shaun Sarrett steps into the role, having served as assistant offensive line coach in 2018.  He previously was an offensive assistant with the team from 2012-17, working mainly with the offensive line.

Morgan Burnett Ready To Move On

Citing his desire to  return to his natural position of safety instead of the dime linebacker role he played with the Steelers, Burnett said he would like to be released from his contract. Burnett missed four of the first six games of the season due to injury, recording  30 tackles and six pass deflections in a subpackage role over 11 games.

Art Rooney Interview

The AR II year-in-review interview was chocked full of his perspectives on 2018 and next year’s season.

He pointed to a less-than-stellar kicking game and a negative turnover ratio as the primary factors contributing to a poor outcome in 2018.

We talk about AR II’s thoughts on Mike Tomlin, Big Ben, AB and Le’Veon.

You’ll also learn how influential the Steelers Outpost is as we discuss the AR II’s thought to have someone assist Mike Tomlin with challenge calls (listen to SOP 74).

Circus Maximus

We’re still waiting for AB’s Big Interview, but AR II disagrees that the Steelers were in cultural disarray this year, saying “It’s nonsense. We didn’t achieve our goal of winning the division but we finished half a game out and had a lot of opportunities to get there.”

In a case of history repeating itself, take a look at Bob Labriola’s piece on the drama of the 1977 season. Oh… and note that he wrote this in the midst of the 2017 season!  (All you need to do is change the “7” to an “8” to adjust to the latest drama.)

Can AB Catch Jerry?

Jerry Rice has given AB a lot of support in the weeks since the falling out between Brown and the Steelers.  AB has more than hinted that he’d like traded to the 49rs. Why? Could it be that he has aspirations of overtaking the definitive receiver of the modern era?

Comparison of Antonio Brown’s and Jerry Rice’s stats through their first 9 seasons.

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