Ep. 079 What did Antonio Brown’s Twitter Q&A Reveal?

What did Antonio Brown’s Twitter Q&A Reveal?

Nick flies solo in this episode with time literally in the air and unavailable at game time.

  • Antonio Brown  has been in existential crisis since at least last summer, starting with his complaint that he hasn’t been allowed to express himself.
  • AB held a Twitter Q&A on February 16.  Unless you are AB’s therapist, you’ll need a cryptographer to figure out what he said, but we try to decipher it.
  • He referenced Ben’s “owner mentality”, his seeming impunity from criticism even as he’s criticizing teammates for their play. We gave said all along that we agree that Ben does himself, nor the team any favors with these comments. But is your sense of self so fragile that you quit the team?!
  • AB forgets that he has enjoyed his own level of impunity over the years…
  • There is zero introspection going on here
  • Is AB’s aberrant  behavior hurting both his and the Steeler’s chance to trade him?


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