Ep. 081 Exclusive: Antonio Brown Kevin Colbert Phone Call

Exclusive Tape

Through intrepid detective work, we were able to procure a recording between Kevin Colbert and Antonio Brown*.  OK, we only recorded Kevin’s side of the conversation, but you’ll get the gist.

Antonio Brown Saga Continues

AB is due $2.5 million on March 15. Will this press the Steelers into dealing him, or will they keep a steady hand on the tiller in search of the best deal they can make?

AB is making his case in the traditional media through this ESPN interview and on LeBron’s “The Shop“.

There’s enough finger-pointing going on to keep this story going until the trade deadline.  Can the Steelers find the value they need to deal AB?

Ben and the Steelers Are Talking

As is the tradition with the Steelers and their QB’s, negotiations have started a year early with Ben’s agent Ryan Tollner meeting with the Steelers during at combine to discuss a new contract.

NFL Combine

Tomorrow, Monday, March 4, is the last day of the NFL Combine and we’ll been keenly focusing because the DB’s will be doing their field work.

We start narrowing down, talking about players of interest who can possibly fill the holes in the Steeler roster.


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*OK.  You figured it out. The characters in this recording are purely fictional. Any relation to person real, imagined or hoped for are mere coincidence or a figment of your vibrant imagination. No animals were harmed in the production of this segment.



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