Ep. 083 Free Agency Frenzy / WR Review

Free Agency Frenzy and Our Wide Receiver Review


NFL is being reshaped. Cleveland looks like the favorite in the AFC North having added coveted OBJ to the roster.. The Browns added to its booty with the radioactive Kareem Hunt.  Although the Steelers were able to retain its own Eli Rogers, we unfortunately lost Jesse “The Outlaw” James to Detroit.

We review the Steelers acquisitions:

Steven Nelson – CB from the Kansas City Chiefs





Donte Moncrief – WR from the Jacksonville Jaguars





Pittsburgh retained:

  • Eli Rogers
  • Anthony Chickillo
  • Dan McCullers

2019 DRAFT – Wide Receivers

We take a deep dive on the wide receiver prospects in the draft:

Hakeem Butler

6’6 / 4.48


•Big bodied receiver, who has ability to make downfield and comeback catches, but inconsistently and classically plays smaller than his size, at times

•Incredibly good cutter for size

•Great speed, downfield playing

•Nice hands on comebacks

•Good timing on back shoulder, but doesn’t catch w arms extended

•Willing blocker (could be dominant), but doesn’t always stay with his blocks



•REALLY want to see some more dog from him, because he could be physically dominant if he stayed mean for an entire game

  •Seen flashes of this, but never sustained

N’Keal Harry

6’3 / 4.53


•Downfield playmaker / HIGH POINTS, BACK SHOULDERS

•Very good open field runner for size, particularly on screens

•Goes over the middle and outside


•Not a burner

•Not explosive

Deebo Samuel

5’11 / 214lbs / 4.48


•Running Back WR – like DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel

•Loves contact, breaks tackles


  •Jumped and high pointed 20yd pass in between 2 defenders vs MIZZOU, landed, IMMEDIATELY changed direction shot out of a cannon for another 15

•Nice redzone success across middle and dragging guys into EZ


•Idk if he can play outside

•Didn’t get to see him do it much at USC

•He’s such a beast athlete, it’s possible, but not a sure thing

Terry Mclaurin

6’0 / 4.35


•Burner! Not elite speed, but can take top off

•Great releases off LOS

•Playmaker downfield, but more speed than Washington

•Great route running in short game as well


•Take the top off guy, but not #1

•Not going to dominate top tier corners athletically

•Not much of a contested catch guy

•Rounds some of his cuts off

Parris Campbell

6’0 / 205lbs / 4.31 tied for fastest WR


•Fantastic, Star-quality name

•Beast athlete, great speed

•Great open field runner, RB-like

  •Vision, cutting, run thru contact

•Doesn’t break tackles like Deebo Samuel, but is much faster

•Liable to take catches 90 yards to the house at any point

•Team captain and leader


•Didn’t get to see any contested catch or deep balls

  •Obviously has speed for deep balls, but deep ball tracking is another game

  •They ran him as a slot on constant zig outs, screens and crossers

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