Ep. 084 Pounceys Pounce on Puny Pundit

With memories of Le’Veon and AB fading into the sunset, the trolls have turned their vitriol on the last remaining Steeler lightning rod – Ben Roethlisberger.  

Josh Harris continues to get more than his 15 minutes of fame, solely on the basis of his 10 minutes playing for the Steelers, claiming that Ben intentionally fumbled.  Well enough of this balderdash. Finally someone stands up to this wannabe and calls him out. It’s no less that Maurkice Pouncey’s brother Mike who asks the question, “Did this guy really play for the Steelers?”. Check out the response by Maurkice.

Le’Veon isn’t quite gone.  Sitting on the horizon on his way to New York, he was interviewed by Sport Illustrated and revealed, “They don’t treat you like you’re human. What I mean by that is, yeah, I’m an NFL athlete, but still, I’m a human being. So like, I still play video games. I still make music. They don’t want to, like, allow you to be yourself. If you’re a Steeler, you’re literally supposed to be playing football 24/7.” Uh…..yeah.

The Steelers continued to shore up its suspect defense with the acquisition of Mark Barron at inside linebacker.  We talk about how and wether this is an upgrade from Jon Bostic.

We continue to provide a window into Steeler draft prospects, honing in on inside linebackers this week.  It’s a thin field and not likely that the Steelers can nab either Devin White or Devin Bush without some draft board maneuvering.

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