Ep. 086 Quenching the Flames Under Tomlin’s Seat

Quenching the Flames Under Tomlin’s Seat

The NFL Draft is in sight, but none too soon as we fend off these bait-click stories that have no regard for the truth, especially as it applies to the Pittsburg Football Steelers.

Rather than produce another iffy mock draft, we try to prioritize the Steeler positional needs and weigh that against the possible options presented to us by pick 20.

Bleacher Report proclaims that “At least six NFL head coaches will be fired during the 2019 league year” and placing a target directly on Mike Tomlin’s chest.

Is a guy who ranks 4th (2nd if you discount Johnny-Come-Latelys: Sean McVey and Matt Nagy) in winning percentage among the 2018 head coaches really in jeopardy of losing his job?  This is angst manufactured by the 24/7 sports media machine now that the Le’Veon and AB disasters are behind us.

We range a little outside our zone to talk about the story concerning the Mike McCarthy-Aaron Rogers relations. Really, who cares, but we had a few minutes to fill (since we’re part of the 24/7 sport industrial complex).

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