Ep. 088 Colbert Presser – Steeler Secrets Revealed

Colbert Presser – Steeler Secrets Revealed

Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin held a press conference this week and revealed next to nothing about their draft strategy. Oh, of course they noted that they don’t use a draft chart and that the essentially draft the best athlete available, stating “drafting for need is never going to make you a better franchise.”

While we’re at it, check out this video documenting the Steelers less successful draft forays in the 1950s when the strategy was to use every draft choice to get a veteran player.


The Steelers schedule was announced and the NFL says the Steelers have the 12th easiest schedule based on the last season W-L of their opponents. We delve into what the Steelers face.


Chris Carter of DK Sports and new co-host of Locked on Steelers Podcast with Tony Sereno posits that teams are very stealthy about whom they are looking at during the pre-draft months so as not to tip their hands. No doubt he’s right, but we explore this misguided strategy.

Finally we talk about Jeremy Fowler’s ESPN article: For NFL prospects, cost of getting drafted can surpass $100K. These guys are definitely taking odd jobs in the off season.

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