Ep. 097 Steelers Nation: Standing Up to a Ravens Fan

Steelers Nation: Standing Up to a Ravens Fan

Le’Veon has once again demonstrated an puzzling lack of judgement, this time unrelated to football, but similarly linked to his personal wealth.  Where is he getting his advice?!  Listen to the 911 call here.

A Steelers Outpost host walks into a bar……   It’s a true story… I was listening to the bartender extol the virtues of his foray into DIY graphic design and t-shirt creations (they were pretty cool).  I offered my DIY experience in learning how to put together a podcast. When a heretofore silent patron at the bar overheard the name of our podcast, he said “I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you I’m a Ravens fan.”  Really?!  Not, “Steelers suck! The Ravens will destroy you!”. Only in Washington.

The point is, how do people adopt sports teams as their religious denomination?  This Ravens fan wasn’t even from Baltimore (he just likes the color purple.)…. (Really, he said that – “When I found out their jerseys were purple, it was a done deal.)

Nick’s endless defense of Big Ben is stymied once again by Ben’s reference to his recent interview comment; “It’s been a little crazy the last few years, maybe more so than usual that we’re used to dealing with. To kind of get back to quote unquote normalcy is kind of nice.

Chis Simms is releasing his annual Top 40 QBs in stages. He has Brady & Brees at #9 and #10 respectively, eliciting OUTRAGE from the proletariat.  Is he wrong?  Not the point.  We argue that the naysayers are not considering CONTEdXT.  It’s just easier to flame someone on social media than it is to read the facts.

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