Ep. 100 Steelers Outpost Century Mega Episode!

Steelers Outpost Century Mega Episode!

This is our 100th episode!  Thanks for making this such a worthwhile endeavor.  We’re humbled that you have listened for the past two years.

Thanks also for the mercy you had on me (Tom) for last week’s solo show.  As you have experienced, my talents lie in pursuits outside broadcast.

We’re psyched to have PButch (aka Long Suffering Jets Fan) back. We cover a lot of ground here focusing on the Stillers, but stretching somewhat to talk about some other NFL goings-on.

To celebrate this 100th episode, we talk about our favorite plays over the 2017 and 2018 seasons, then highlight our favorite players in that span.

Is Mike Tomlin the most quotable coach in the NFL today?  We’ll look at his competition.

Charges RB Melvin Gordon is this year’s version of Le’Veon Bell. This will be interesting to see the results of his threat to hold out, especially since his numbers aren’t even close to Lev Bell’s.

The NFL owners are at it again – agitating for a longer season. Whether they get their way in the next CBA or not, will they keep chipping away until the uninspiring pre-season is supplanted with “real” games?

We go outside football into a realm where Tom can actually contribute (since he’s the only Dad on the podcast):  What are three movies to which you must introduce your son, to ensure he can hold his own at any male gathering involving libations?

You certainly must have your opinions whether you’re responsible for another male human life or not – So….


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