Ep. 101 Steelers Outpost Mad As Hell About Madden

Steelers Outpost Mad As Hell About Madden

The Madden ratings are out and Ben’s rating is 85 placing him as the #9 QB behind even Matt Ryan and and Phillip Rivers. We debate whether these ratings matter. You can imagine the Baby Boomer cannot understand this millennial concern.

Mike Tomlin’s interviewing prowess is underrated. He exceeds Belichick’s brevity of factual information by delivering his own poetic perspectives. Although he says almost nothing, Mike opens up the house-cleaning effected by the Steelers this year.


YOU ARE GOD! You are capable of raising the dead from the grade or overcome the debilitations of age and add one former Steeler to this year’s team.  Who do you resurrect?

@NeilCoolong asks, which of these has the highest probability of occurring in 2019:

  1. Boswell > 88 percent FGs 
  2. Dupree > 6 sacks
  3. Ben < 9 INTs 
  4. Steelers > 10 wins

We put our odds on it. Let us know what you think.

“Real” football starts this week with the Steelers training camp opening this Friday, July 26.

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