Ep. 104 Steelers Go To Washington

Steelers Go To Washington

Steelers 30 Tampa Bay 28

Our prayers go out to the family of Steelers wide receiver coach Darryl Drake who passed away on Sunday morning, August 11. He was 62 years old. No cause of death was given. Coach Drake leaves behind his wife, Sheila, three daughters, and several  grandchildren. 

Expectations of a quality performance were low, but this was an entertaining game.  Frustratingly, but not surprisingly, this was a highly-flagged game with a combined 24 penalties for 186 yards.\

The Main Events for us was watching the ascension of James Washington and Devin Bush’s debut.  This guys in NFL ready as evidenced by his 10, first half tackles.

QB play was sharp, with Dobbs, Rudolph and Hodges showing poise, even when experiencing pressure.  You need look no further than the score to see the offense was moving the ball.

The guys we hoped to perform well, generally met the bar they set in training camp, although a couple of guys are going to have to firm up their play in the upcoming games.  We were especially happy to see Boz go 2-2 in field goals, hitting one for 47 yards.

The Antonio Brown show opens in Oakland, as it ended in Pittsburgh with more quizzical behavior which includes a cryogenic injury and a refusal to play unless he gets his way.

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