Ep. 106 Steelers Successful Flight Test Over the Titans

Steelers 18 Titans 6


The first test of the Steelers starters provided evidence that perhaps less is more as the Next-Man-Up philosophy took hold.

The Steelers pulled the cover off of the Mazerati after stowing it over the winter to see if the engine would start. After a couple of sputtering attempts, it revved up with Ben Roethlisberger and the offensive starters methodically marching 58 yards down the field for the team’s first touchdown, a 17 yard pass to JuJu Smith-Schuster.

We are EXCITED about this season’s prospects, so don’t try to talk us down, or out of, or from our lofty expectations.  Did you see Devin “The Bushwacker” Bush-Man-Zada?!  Did you relish the prospects of Stephan Tuitt walking through walls of fleshy offensive linemen? James Conner stomping through a minefield of whiffing linebackers?!!

General Washington had yet another 40 yard reception.  This feels real.  Not like 8th grade with Bubba Kowalchik towered over the entire middle school at 5’6″, only to stretch out to 5’8″ by senior year. NO.  This feels like…….destiny.

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