Ep. 28 Safety First


  • Free Agency
    • Willie Gay released 
    • Mike Mitchell released
    • Boswell signs 2nd Round Tender (expected to sign long-term deal later in summer)
    • 89.5% fg conversion rate (1 of 4 kickers to ever hit this mark in his first 3 years)
    • Timmons released by MIA (do NOT sign him, PIT.)
  • Browns Aggressive Rebuild


  • Breakdown of safety prospects
  • Top 5 list in order
    • Justin Reid (STAN)
    • Ronnie Harrison (ALA)
    • Justin Bates (WAKE)
    • Marcus Allen (PENN ST)
    • DeShone Elliot (TX)


Justin Reid
1st Round
•Versatile, covers a lot of slot
•Good at shedding blockers and making play (screen game)
•Diagnoses screen passes quickly
•“Great communicator”
•Good hitter, physical
•Holds ground in run game
•Not particularly aggressive coming up to make hits in the run game, but can still do it
•Didn’t get to see much centerfield, but still saw it
Ronnie Harrison
1st Round
•Not afraid to hit
•Athletic / fast
•Plays a lot of 2-High (good to compliment Davis, who we’d rather have play near the line)
•But experience doing everything
•Does not diagnose super quickly
•Not Good tackler: Gets over sometimes / does not wrap up well
•Poor angles
•Lack of splash plays
Jessie Bates III
Wake Forest
2nd round
•GOOD in 2-High
•A few beautiful pass breakups
•Fast enough to get over
•PLAYMAKER: a couple pick-6s
•Punt returner!
•Not good tackler
•Poor angles to sideline
Marcus Allen
Penn State
2nd/3rd Round
(Godson of Curtis Martin)
•Best run defender of group
•AGGRESSIVE stopping runs & screens
•Plays a lot of 2 high
•Solid matching up w tight ends
•ONE career interception
•Not great ball in the air
•Good, not great speed (didn’t see him get to deep sideline)
Deshon Elliot
2nd/3rd Round
•Good recognition / breaks on ball
•Good ball skills
•Found a bunch of picks
•A bit slow
•Not Great tackler
•FOUND a bunch of picks

We’ll also talk about Pro Football Focus’s recently release ranking of offensive lines and how the Steelers fare.  We’ll look at a couple of mock draft predictions for Pittsburgh, and once again confirmed while mocks exist to be mocked.

Wednesday, March 14 marks the opening of free agent system, so we’ll have a lot more to talk about next week too.

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