Ep. 29 Steelers Stepchild: Free Agency


It was really gratifying to read about the symposium sponsored by Duquesne University and The Ireland Funds entitled: ‘Slainte! [Good health] Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Dan Rooney.’

You hear about it all the time. Dan took the torch passed by Art Senior as the humble, standard-bearer for not just the Steelers franchise, but for all of Pittsburgh.  Luminaries like former Vice President Joe Biden, General Michael Hayden, Roger Goodall spoke of the ways that Dan affected their lives. A dozen current and former players an coaches came out to pay homage.  Surely this man was all they said he was.


Free Agency

  1. Steelers characteristically inactive
  2. Jon Bostic signed
  3. Resigned Fitz Toussaint
  4. Steelers still need a safety
  5. NFC gets even stronger in free agency

Draft Preview

  1. Tommy Ball
  2. Jim Wexell: The Case for Mason Rudolph

Wide Receivers: Top 5 List for the Steelers

  1. Michael Gallup (Colorado State)
  2. Dante Pettis (University of Washington)
  3. Cedrick Wilson Jr. (Boise State)
  4. DaeSean Hamilton (Penn State)
  5. James Washington (Oklahoma State)
Michael Gallup
Colorado State
•Polished WR!
•Good route runner, nuanced releases
•#1 option / Maybe best for slot in NFL
•Great hands
•Tough / not afraid
•Good Run after catch
•Slight build / 6’1, 205lb
•Not burner, but good speed
Dante Pettis
University of Washington
•Great PR (beat DeSean-Jackson PAC 12 Record)
•Good open field
•Catches w hands
•Willing blocker
•Slight frame (6’0 / 185) / not strong
•Not obviously explosive
Cedrick Wilson Jr.
Boise State
•Deep threat / Big play man
•Good hands / tons of catches
•Slender build / not elite speed
DaeSean Hamilton
Penn State
•Poor man’s JuJu
•Works middle of the field
•Has some success w jump balls
•Effective runner, not shifty
•Gets off the line well
•Not super explosive
•Not a good blocker
•Some lame drops
James Washington Oklahoma State•Big, NFL type WR who can make downfield catches and play the sideline
•Good at getting open
•Not elite speed
•Not Great blocker / slacks off when not getting the ball

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