Ep. 31 Ungrateful Nation


  • Le’Veon: “It’s so hard to be a hero in a city that paints you out to be the villain.”
  • Number Switches (Haden 21 to 23 and Davis 28 to 21)
  • Draft priorities
    • Do D players take longer than O players to develop?
  • Draft Preview: INTERIOR D-LINE
Da’Ron Payne
•Fantastic hand usage
•Really can get after QB (Steelers)
•Good at stacking and shedding in run game
•Similar to Tuitt
•Flashes enormous power
•Doesn’t consistently overpower
•Can sometimes get handled by smaller guys who have no business doing so
Joshua Frazier
•Pro Day Dinner
•Big BOi 6’4 / 315
•Underachiever at BAMA, but still played key topbackup role as senior
•Coach Karl Dunbar BAMA connection
•Maybe challenge McCullers?
RJ Mccintosh
•6’4 / 293 DT
•Wore #80 (thinks he’s Jerry Rice?)
•Best athlete of Miami bunch
•Fast, aggressive, long arms
•Word is he came out too early
•Needs to add weight & strength
Chad Thomas
•6’6 / 275 / 3-4 OLB possibly
•3rd best prospect from MIA
•Beast athlete but PROJECT
Kendrick Norton
•6’3 / 310lbs
•He has “offensive lineman face” — too nice, soft eyes...can’t trust him.
•Space eater / Tubster
•Not really a playmaker, but gets a push
•Steelers usually like Adonis-types
Nathan Shepherd
Fort Hays
•24yo / 6’5 / 315
•BEAST at tiny DIV 2 school
•Versatile, dominator

•Zero competition
•Only 38 tackles / 4 sacks (but there is no stat for destroying a play)

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