Futility in Chicago

Steelers 17 –  Bears 23

Welcome to the Steelers Outpost podcast episode 3.

While everyone is distracted  talking about the NFL like it’s a third political party, we’re going to sneak in a football podcast. Not just a football podcast, but a Steelers football podcast.   Unfortunately it’s not a story Steeler fans want to relive.

Just like that skinny kid who all the bullies picked on in 8th grade, the Chicago Bears stepped right up and punched the big, bad Steelers square in the nose, letting the world know that reputation in the NFL means nothing.


1. Losing to a basement-dwelling team

2. When do we get to see the offense we heard about?

3. How can the defense do so poorly against a one-dimensional team

It’s more than irritating to give up 23 points when last year’s Heyward-less team yielded only 20, but hey…we’re in the third game of the season and have only once exceeded last year’s AVERAGE output of 25 points per game.  This on a team with its full armamentarium intact in the persons of Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon Bell.

That’s what makes this defeat so defeating….. where do we displace this seething anger….?  AARRRRGGGGGG!!

Not since week 6 of 2016 when the Steelers were soundly trounced by Miami 30-15 and Jay Ajayi ran for 204 yards have we given up the kind of real estate consumed by Jordan Howard who gained 138 yards. Of his 24 rushes, 7 were big plays of 10 or more yards, the last one the 19 yard gain that won the game in OT. Was the defense getting tired? They gave up 4 big plays in the first half and 5 in the second with 3 coming on the final overtime drive. 

This is worse given that the Bears tried to find ways to lose.. .like the false start at the end of the first half on the Steeler on-yard line that ended. Or how about the lost fumble by Howard, multiple false starts, an interception and a blown snap on the last possession of regulation?

Let’s face it, Martavis Bryant dropped a scene-setting long bomb on the first play of the game which would have started the offensive machine in motion. The balloon further deflated when Eli Rogers played dodgeball with the Bear’s first punt of the afternoon, resulting in the Bears with a first down on the Steeler 29.

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