Ep. 070 Steelers Gronquer Patriots

Steelers 17 Patriots 10

Battling the history of five straight losses to the Patriots, the Steelers  achieved redemption in a surprisingly low-scoring affair.  While there’s always something to criticize, this is a victory to be celebrated, to be savored for the rare vintage it has become.

1. Throwback Dirty Steelers Win
   a. Wasn’t always beautiful
   b. Immediate Pats TD was terrifying / Brady got ball back with 2:30
   c. Offense played better than 17 points
   d. Defense almost crumbled late again
   e. But both sides of the ball made HUGE plays when it counted
       1. JOE HADEN
       2. Ben 3rd down conversions on last drive
       3. Boz 48 yard field goal
    f. Pats 0-3 in red zone
    g. Patriots mistakes (penalties & drops)
2. Give Tomlin Credit
   1. Game planning was excellent
   2. Emotional element was excellent
3. Offense
   a. Fichtner: 5 wide to keep Patriots from confusing Steelers
   b. JAYLEN SAMUELS – huge game running counter play
   c. Role Players Contributing (Washington, Eli, Vance, Ridley, Switz)
   d. Ben continuing his trend of amazing / baffling
4. Defense
   a. After the Hogan TD, held pats to THREE POINTS!!!!
   b. Defensive line dominant
   c. Secondary gang tackled better
   d. Near-constant pressure on defense
   e. Watt, Heyward, Tuit, Hargrave dialing up the pressure
   f. Pats got some nice runs
   g. Edelman / Gronk almost non-factors
5. What Happens Next?
   a. Can Steelers beat saints?
    b. Ravens at Chargers

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