Rust Bowl: Steelers Vanquish the Browns

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S T E E L E R S 21 vs Browns 18 

What were you expecting, a blowout?  Certainly we expected this offense with a top-tier QB, an offensive line that is among the best in the league and what are arguably the premier wide receiver and running back in the NFL that we would see more than 14 points of production… and we certainly didn’t think that production would come from an under-valued tight end.

So maybe it not the overwhelming display of firepower that we had hoped to see, but it was a victory and we started to see the machine pick up momentum as the game went on.

One theme of the game is an appropriate one for two teams from steel towns:  Rust.  Although some guys were ready, many, including Ben, seemed to need a little time under live fire to find their rhythm.

See how we graded out the coaches and positions and let us know how you saw it.

~ ~ ~ T H E M E S ~ ~ ~

  2. PENALTIES. 13 for 144yds WOW. 3 personal fouls, 2 very dumb.
  3. Big game from TJ Watt. Will be national headline. Not dominant but played well with excellent motor and athleticism. Flashed nice technique w push-pull move and spin move.

~ ~ ~ GRADES ~ ~ ~

Head Coach: C-

Offensive Coordinator: B- 

Defensive Coordinator: B

Quarterback: B  

Running Backs (Le’Veon): C

Antonio Brown: A++

Wide Receivers: D 

Offensive Line:  C

Tight Ends: C+

DLine: A- 

Inside LB: B+

Outside LBs: A 

Safeties: B-

Cornerbacks: C+

Special Teams: A 

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