Steelers Throw Convention to the Curb Ep. 054

Roster Cut Down

On Saturday, the Steelers cut 37 players to get down to its 53 man roster.  The reason you don’t listen to the so-called “experts”? No one was calling for Landry Jones to be cut.  More amazing – Josh Dobbs is now the backup for Ben Roethlisberger. Really? We had that dude on the practice squad for the Panthers.

We delve into this strange choice as well as the one that valued Jaylen Samuels about Fitz “The Fumbler” Tousssaint.


The New and Improved Cleveland Browns


The Brownies have seven new starters on offense and five new starters on defense. Should we be concerned? The first six games of the season sees the Steelers battling three divisional opponents. This will be a barometer for the season.



We had some technical difficulties recording the show this week, that you’ll find noticeable. We’ll get that worked out by next week, but we wanted to acknowledge the problem and thank you for your patience.


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