The Five Stages of Grief

Steelers 42 – Jaguars 45

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  We are experiencing, shock, disbelief, outrage, despondency, utter heartbreak. 

This game highlighted all that was right with the 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers and all that was wrong.  The offense put together a masterpiece of unparalleled play that rivals anything we have ever seen in a playoff game. The defense, meanwhile, was exposed in a way that we have feared all year.

Join us for a thorough overview of the game and our position grades.


  1. Steelers defense is PATHETIC
  2. Steelers allowed the Jaguars to dictate the game
  3. Our offense was legendary
OffenseA•545total yards
•462 passing // 83 rushing
•3rd down: 7/16
•Red Zone: 3/3
•Clutch plays when needed
•Scored 2nd highest number of points on Jags this year (SF=44)
•INT, fumble
QBA•37/58, 469, 5TD, 1 INT
•8.1 yards/attempt
•Run for 1st down
•Lateral for TD
•Completed in tight windows
•Fumble return for TD
•INT in own RZ
RBA+•16car, 67 yards 4.2 ypc, 1 TD
•Receiving: 9/88 1 TD
•155 yards of production
•Amazing TD catch
ABA+•7/132, 2 TDs•2 insanely difficult TD receptions (23 and 43 yards) on Bouye
WRB•JuJu: 3/5 1 TD
•Marty: 2/78 1 TD
•Eli: 5/42
•Snagged difficult catches
•Eli 5 rec/5targets
•Eli not getting first down on 3rd and 8 in 1st qtr
O-LineA•67yds rushing / 4.2 avg•Good protection•2 sacks
•7 QBH
TEA•Vance: 10/112
•Jesse: 1/12
•Vance showing his upside potential
Mike TomlinF•Rust is real. Steelers came out flat
•Didn't learn lesson from first game
Tod HaleyB•Gets AB open
•Well-timed shuffle passes
•Played into the Jags strengths: runs to the outside couldn't beat Jags speed (4th and one call)
Keith ButlerF-•DBs not in position
•Wide open receivers in the flat
•No pressure on QB
DefenseF•378 total yards
•214 passing / 164 rushing
•3rd down: 8/14
•0 sacks
•4 QBH
•1 TFL
•Is communication really a problem in game #17?
•Most points allowed this year
•Couldn't bring RBs down at times
D-LineF•7 tackles
•0 sacks
•1 QB hit
•Got pushed around by Jags O-Line
•Virtually no pressure on Bortles
ILBF•16 tackles
•0 sack
•1 QBH
-1 TFL
•Lack of contain
•Couldn't bring RB down
OLBF•6 tackles
•0 sack
•2 QBH
•2 TFL
•Lack of contain
CornerF•7 tackles
•0 QBH
•0 TFL
•Haden bad timing on PD - missed opportunity for INT
SafetyF•19 tackles
•0 sack
•0 QBH
•1 TFL
•Davis INT
•Mitchell - fumble recovery
•Davis misses tackle of Rashard Higgins on 56 yard TD in 2nd half

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